Parallel Session B: Coupled Models

Day 2: Wednesay, October 16 (afternoon)

Planned session content

  • B1: Atmosphere-land (Co-chairs: Eleni Katragkou & Vimal Mishra)

  • CORDEX and the RCP-SSP scenarios
  • Land-use change
  • Megacities
  • Heat waves
  • Droughts
  • Urban and basin flooding 
  • B2: Ocean-ice-atmosphere (Co-chairs: Anette Rinke & tbd)

  • Role of the air-sea coupling and small-scale ocean processes on regional climate
  • Sea-ice retreat and related atmospheric circulation
  • Thermodynamic and dynamic atmosphere-ocean-ice processes
  • Regional feedback processes (incl. storms, precipitation, water vapor-cloud-radiation, albedo feedback)
  • Regional seas (e.g., North and Baltic seas, Mediterranean Sea, others
  • Coupling with wave models
  • Sea level rise
  • B3: Biogeochemical processes (Co-chairs: Hong Liao & Vijayakumar S Nair)

  • Coupling to address specific user needs & challenges (agriculture, fisheries, human health, forestry, hydrology, fires, coastal erosion, ecosystems, aerosols)
  • Air-quality
  • Interactions of aerosols-clouds-climate
  • Carbon sources and sinks under climate change