Programme at a glance

14th October
15th October
16th October
17th October
18th October
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AM  CORDEX-SAT pre conference meeting  

Opening Session



Parallel Sessions A: 
Advances in regional downscaling

  • A1: Uncertainties and added value
  • A2: Convection permitting modelling
  • A3: Downscaling tools and methods
Parallel Session C:
Climate change impacts

  • C1: High impact regional phenomena
  • C2: High mountain environments
  • C3: Implications for renewable energy
Plenary Session 2

  • Presentation of summary of ECS reports from conference sessions
  • Newly endorsed Flagship Pilot Studies
  • Looking to the future (to include synthesis report from Parallel Sessions D)
  • Dissemination of CORDEX: Communication and ESGF



Plenary Session 1
CORDEX : achievements, status and focus of future work

  • Presentations focused on chain of CORDEX output through impact modelling to end users from across the domains. Fundamental simulations and analysis, for instance analysis focused on added value and process behaviour:  What is fundamental science accomplished?  Highlight East Asia achievements



Poster Session A

(including lunch)

Poster Session C

(including lunch)

Closing Session

Plenary Session 1 (cont.)
CORDEX : achievements, status and focus of future work’

  • Scientific challenges and FPSs, implementation of the WCRP strategic Plan

Parallel Session B :
Coupled Models

  • B1: Atmosphere-land
  • B2: Ocean-ice-atmosphere
  • B3: Biogeochemical processes


Parallel Session D:
Domain/cross-domain meetings, Convection permitting models

The titles for the workshop oriented D-sessions will be published in February

Post- conference CORDEX-SAT meeting 

Poster Session B

possibly including
side event
drinks reception

Evening Social Event Possibly Early Career Scientist event