Oral presentation guidelines

Contributed presentations in the Plenary sessions and Sessions A, B and C, will be assigned 15 minutes each (12 mn presentation + 3 mn questions and answers), except for the invited speakers who will be assigned 30 minutes (25 mn + 5mn). The schedule for invited presentations can be found in the conference programme. We invite participants to check the program for any update.

Your presentation will be made available on the conference website unless you request otherwise. Please, use this naming convention for the file: Session Number_Presenter Last Name_Presenter FirstName (e.g.: A1_Brunet_Gilbert.pdf), in order to identify easily the presentation during the conference and after when we will have to post them on the conference website. If you allow your slides to be made available online, please provide your talk in a .pdf format with the file size reduced. Your presentation will be converted to a .pdf format if this is not the format provided and this will be posted online.


We suggest using fonts not smaller than 20 pts due to the size of the meeting room and legibility of the slides.

Standard presentation ratio to be used is 4:3 aspect, 1024×768 resolutions.


  • 30 minutes prior the start of your session, please go to the meeting room in which your presentation is scheduled to take place and identify yourself to the co-chairs of the session.
  • We strongly recommend oral briefers to use the notebooks available in the meeting rooms and to upload their presentation well before the start of the session via a USB key. Please ensure that your file (PowerPoint or PDF entitled with the session and name of the presenter) is being uploaded safely and that the slides display properly.

Oral no show

Participants are strongly urged to inform the organizers in case of no-show in sending a mail to icrc-cordex2019 (@) lasg.iap.ac.cn with copy to Catherine Michaut

Meeting room equipment

  • Projector and screen
  • Notebook for the upload of presentations (USB)
  • Speaker microphone
  • Slide switcher and laser pointer
  • Internet access: wifi available within the entire CNCC area.

Meeting room software

Office Powerpoint and PDF

For any specific technical request, please contact the local organizers no later than October 8th at icrc-cordex2019 (@) lasg.iap.ac.cn