I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
There is a button “Forgot password?” next to the “Sign in”. A reset link will be
sent to the e-mail address you added when you registered.

Is it possible to register as participant without submitting an abstract?
Yes, you can register without submitting an abstract. Please go to:

When is the deadline for Early Bird Registration?
The deadline for Early Bird Registration is 15 August 2019, but the registration is open
after that date at a higher registration fee.

My abstract has been changed from oral presentation to poster presentation. Why is that?
We had to change many requests for oral presentation to poster presentation because there simply were too many requests for oral presentation for the time available, even after the review of the abstracts by several reviewers. We had nearly 400 abstracts submitted to the conference, so to make sure there was sufficient time for each oral presentation that did occur, we had to move many abstracts from oral to poster. We also had to try to balance the oral part of program as much as possible under consideration of geographic and gender diversity.

Do I need a visa to enter China and how do I apply for a visa?
Attendees from most countries will need a visa to enter the People´s Rebublic of China.
A visa will be applied for at the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
To read more about visa application please go to:

How do I request an invitation letter?
To request an invitation letter, please download the following Excel form at http://ddl.escience.cn/f/RUZh 
and email it, together with a scanned copy of your passport, to icrc-cordex2019@lasg.iap.ac.cn.
More information can be found at:

Where do I find my registration number?
If you log on to the website where you registered, you will find the registration number
under Personal information.

I´m having problems with the payment of the registration fee, what can I do?
You can try to change to another browser or check the firewall.
It could also be a problem caused by the bank limitation for safety control. In that case you need to contact your bank to change the payment restrictions.

If you still have problems it is also possible to pay the fee by bank transfer.