You are an ECS and want to be a rapporteur/assistant at the conference

A way to be actively involved in knowledge exchange and science communication in the global academic event of ICRC-CORDEX 2019, is to commit to assist in coordinating conference sessions and ECS events. This includes acting as a session rapporteur and coordinator alongside the regular conference staff.

If you are interseted there will be instructions on how to get involved here shortly. The local conference organizing committee will together with the science committee select an adequate number of rapporteurs/assistants.

Such engagement will promote your future career by network building, initiating new partnerships etc. It will also improve your skills in refining and summarizing information, in this case on regional climate. The ECS rapporteurs and coordinators will assist in preparing the required materials to finish session and ECS event reports, and finally contribute to the overall conference report which will be published on the web.