Session A1: Uncertainties and added value

List of posters

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ADIBI Parya Evaluation of the Climate Forecast System version 2 over Iran A1-P-01
ANG Paul Daniel Performance of downscaled convective and stratiform precipitation over the Philippines during the East Asian Winter Monsoon A1-P-02
BUONOMO Erasmo Large-scale consistency with driving GCM and fine scale details in the present-day climate simulated by the EuroCORDEX RCM integrations A1-P-03
CARRIL Andrea The influence of regional nuding over South America on the simulation of the Southern Hemisphere extratropical circulation A1-P-04
CARRIL Andrea The potential added value of Regional Climate Models in South America using a multiresolution approach A1-P-05
CAVAZOS Tereza Intercomparison of observed and simulated climatic trends in the CORDEX-CAM (Central America, Caribbean and Mexico) domain A1-P-06
CHAOWIWAT Winai Frequency Analysis of Annual Maximum Rainfall over Thailand under Changing Climate A1-P-07
CHOUDHARY Anubhav Evaluation of added value of CORDEX-SA experiments in representing Indian summer monsoon characteristics A1-P-08
CHRISTENSEN Ole How European projections have changed through 20 years of multi-model ensemble projects A1-P-09
DE JESUS Eduardo Climatology and trend of cyclones over the South Atlantic Ocean simulated by global and regional climate models A1-P-10
GOODMAN Alex The Regional Climate Model Evaluation System: A Systematic Evaluation Of CORDEX Simulations Using Obs4MIPs A1-P-11
GUTOWSKI William Exotic Uncertainties in North America CORDEX A1-P-12
HALENKA Tomas Climate change projections in RegCM CORDEX-CORE simulations via Koeppen-Trewartha climate classification A1-P-13
ITO Rui Performance evaluation of all subsets from the CMIP5 multimodel ensemble used in each CORDEX region: Representation of the present climate and uncertainty range of climate change projections A1-P-14
JAYANARAYANAN Sanjay Assessment of Future Climate Change over India and Hindu Kush Himalayan Regions using CORDEX South Asia Regional Climate Model Projections A1-P-15
KEBE Ibourahima Projected changes in the relationship between Precipitation, African Easterly Jet and African Easterly Waves under global Warming A1-P-16
LEE Kyo Multi-resolution investigation of long term regional/local trends in temperature and precipitation from observations and NA-CORDEX regional climate simulations A1-P-17
LENNARD Chris Ten years of CORDEX – a review A1-P-18
MAGNAYE Angela Monina Investigating Sea Surface Temperature Representation and its Potential Influence in SEACLID/CORDEX-Southeast Asia Regional Climate Simulations A1-P-19
MURAMBADORO Miriam Assessing the value of climate information for local government officials in South Africa A1-P-20
NGUYEN-THI Tuyet Climate analog and future appearance of novel climate in Southeast Asia A1-P-21
NIU xiaorui On the sensitivity of seasonal and diurnal precipitation to cumulus parameterization over CORDEX-EA-II A1-P-22
NKRUMAH Francis The potential of CORDEX to capture long term extreme events over  Guinea Coast A1-P-23
OKORO Ugochukwu Variability and trends of Atmospheric Moisture in recent West African monsoon season and the CORDEX-Africa projected 21st century scenarios. A1-P-24
PETER Justin How important is the climate change signature in inputs to hydrological models in 2050 and 2100? A1-P-25
PINTO Izidine Inter-comparison of temperature trends in CORDEX models and CMIP5 models A1-P-26
RAFFAELE Francesca Assessment of the CORDEX-Atlas Africa simulations added value and uncertainty of the climate change signal A1-P-27
RASUL Ghulam Application of the Quantile Maping and Probability Density Functions Approach using CORDEX Data for Drought and Flood Frequencies in Pakistan A1-P-28
REBOITA Michelle Assessment of future cyclones activity in the CORDEX Southern Hemisphere domains following a Multi-Model Ensemble approach A1-P-29
REMEDIO Armelle Reca Potential future climate regimes based on an ensemble of CORDEX-CORE simulations using REMO A1-P-30
RUBANGAKENE Damasco Modelling potential impacts of future climate on barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) productivity in eastern Tigray, northern Ethiopia A1-P-31
SINGH Ram Uncertainty in climate change projections over India using two dynamical downscaling techniques A1-P-32
SUN Biyun Validation for the tropical belt version of WRF: Sensitivity tests on radiation and cumulus convection parameterizations A1-P-33
TAGUELA NDETATSIN Thierry CORDEX multi-RCM hindcast over Central Africa: Evaluation within observational uncertainty A1-P-34
TIBAY Jennifer Uncertainties in Detecting Tropical Cyclones in Regional Climate Model Simulations over the CORDEX-Southeast Asia Domain A1-P-35
UZZAMAN Md. Arfan Harnessing the economic benefits under uncertainty: Evidence from the Teesta river basin of Bangladesh A1-P-36
WANG Jiali High resolution simulations and projections over most of North America: achievements and on-going work A1-P-37
WU Minchao Identifying added value of RCMs for simulated precipitation in Africa A1-P-38
YU Ke Evaluation of multi-RCM high-resolution hindcast over the CORDEX East Asia Phase II region A1-P-39