Session A2: Convection permitting modelling

List of posters

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BASTIN Sophie Multi-model analysis of triggering of precipitation : impact of model resolution and convection representation, and evolution in a warmer climate A2-P-01
DA ROCHA Rosmeri Initial results of the CORDEX FPS on extreme precipitation events in Southeastern South America: dynamical downscaling at convection-permitting resolution A2-P-02
FALL Cheikh modou Noreyni Characterization and predictability of rainfall convective systems in the Sahel : focus on Senegal A2-P-03
FEIJOÓ Martín Assessment of the capability of the WRF-ARW model at convective permitting resolution to reproduce extreme precipitation events over Southeast South America: A Case Study Approach A2-P-04
FITA Lluís Exploration of new insights of land-atmosphere interaction unsing FPS Alps covection permitting experiment A2-P-05
GOERGEN Klaus Soil moisture-temperature coupling in a CORDEX FPS convection-permitting WRF RCM ensemble A2-P-06
JIANG Zhiyu Simulated climate extremes in the Yangtze River Basin, using the regional climate model WRF A2-P-07
KHALID Bushra Testing of non-hydrostatic core of RegCM and microphysics over the Carpathians A2-P-08
PERALTA J.C. Albert I Sensitivity of temperature and precipitation to physical parameterization schemes of RegCM4 over Mindanao, Philippines A2-P-09
PICHELLI Emanuela Analysis of hazardous events environment in present and future scenario by multi-models approach in convection permitting mode A2-P-10
REMEDIO Armelle Reca Simulated precipitation in convection permitting scales using REMO-NH A2-P-11
TANG Jianping Evaluation of WRF regional climate model at a convection-permitting resolution over eastern China A2-P-12
TARAPHDAR Sourav Gray-Zone simulations of rainfall over the UAE and Arabian Peninsula A2-P-13
TARAPHDAR Sourav Sensitivity of monsoon precipitation to physical parameterizations in a cloud permitting regional model A2-P-14
VAN SCHAEYBROECK Bert Model validation methodology of short-duration precipitation extremes A2-P-15
WANG Yan Synergistic effect of high resolution and orographic drag parameterization to reduce WRF simulated precipitation bias in central Himalaya A2-P-16