Session B1: Atmosphere-land

List of posters

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GAOL Adelina Contribution of urban heat island on landscape composition and its impact to the land surface temperature (Case study on Palembang City-Indonesia) B1-P-01
GILES Julian Diurnal cycle of precipitation and atmospheric humidity flux in South America: role of land-atmosphere interactions B1-P-02
HIRSCH Annette Land surface contributions to the amplification of Australian heatwaves via local land-atmosphere coupling B1-P-03
HOFFMANN Peter Response of LUCAS-models to forestation and afforestation in Europe under dry, wet and hot climate conditions B1-P-04
KUMAR Dhirendra Indian Summer Monsoon in a coupled land-atmosphere regional downscaling experiment B1-P-05
LIU Siliang Regional climate impact assessment of vegetation change in Loess Plateau: combining WRF-Noah model and long time series satellite observations B1-P-06
MAOSHAN Li The study of the surface roughness length and its application in the NoahMP on the northern of the Tibetan Plateau B1-P-07
MARGARYAN Pargev Probable deviations of air temperature in the surface layer of arid regions of Armenia in the context of global climate change B1-P-08
MARGARYAN Varduhi Dynamics change of annual number of atmospheric precipitation of Ararat physical geographical arid region in global climate change context B1-P-09
NTOLE Romain Forecast of Planting Calendar for Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) from Downscaling Method in Kivu Mountain, DR Congo B1-P-10
REBOITA Michelle Land surface temperature in high resolution simulations with RegCM over Southeastern Brazil B1-P-11
SEMENOVA Inna Projected Trends of Precipitation Regime in Ukraine During the Period of 2020-2050 B1-P-12
SILVA Maria Elisa Climatic impact over South America caused by the Amazon deforestation during distinct Pacific Decadal Oscillation phases B1-P-13
SINGH Charu An analysis of extreme rainfall events over the Himalayan region using coupled models B1-P-14
TEOTIA Manoj Kumar Institutionalization of Climate Adaptation Practices: A Case Study of Planned city of Chandigarh, India B1-P-15
WANG Xuejia Characterization of air and surface temperature coupling over the Tibetan Plateau: Results from multi-source reanalyses B1-P-16
YAN Yan Assessment of the Uncertainties of Options in the Noah-MP Land Surface Model Simulations over China B1-P-17
ZACHARIAH Johnson Impact of  Equatorial and Northern Bay of Bengal SST’s on the Indian summer monsoon rainfall B1-P-18