Session B2: Ocean-Ice-Atmosphere

List of posters

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ALIZADEH CHOOBARI Omid Contribution of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation on the strength and duration of the Indian summer monsoon B2-P-01
CHEN Lin The Response of ENSO Asymmetry to Global Warming B2-P-02
CHEN Lin Causes of the Asymmetric SSTA Zonal Spatial Pattern between Strong El Niño and La Niña B2-P-03
CHEN Lin Cause of ENSO period simulation biases in coupled models B2-P-04
GAOL Adelina Simulation of Dahlia Tropical Cyclone Impact on Atmospheric Dynamic and Ocean in Sunda Strait Using DELFT-3D Model B2-P-05
LI Delei An atmosphere-wave regional coupled model over the East China Sea: skills assessment of simulated wind and wave B2-P-06
MANDAL Shailendra Effect of sea level rise on metro city: lessons from urban coastal communities from India B2-P-07
YANG Minghao Influence of cumulus convection schemes on winter North Pacific storm tracks in the Regional Climate Model RegCM4.5 B2-P-08