Session C1: High impact regional phenomena

List of posters

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ADIBI Parya Seasonal and interannual variations of the ITCZ in the Indian Ocean C1-P-01
ANENI Thomas Empirical Assessment of Climate Impact on the Population of the Oil palm Leaf miner C1-P-02
ANTONIO Richard Can the CORDEX- SEA historical simulations capture the observed spatiotemporal characteristics of the drought signal over the Philippines? C1-P-03
ARSHAD Adnan Quantification of future climate risks and onset of extreme weather events to metropolitan cities in Asia C1-P-04
ASHFAQ Moetasim Response of regional monsoons at various levels of radiative forcing in RegCM4-CORDEX simulations C1-P-05
BAL Sourabh Investigation and projection of Human Thermal Comfort Stress over West Bengal, India using observations and CORDEX climate model experiments C1-P-06
BAL Sourabh Predicting Dengue cases in Kolkata, India based on variation of climate using Zero-Inflated Regression Model C1-P-07
BUILES-JARAMILLO Alejandro Hydroclimatological variables in the South America CORDEX domain for the Amazon River Basin C1-P-08
CARRIL Andrea Energy simulation of social housing in Argentina: how extremes and climate change impact on the energy demand C1-P-09
CRUZ Faye Abigail Multi-model projections of climate change hotspots in the Philippines C1-P-10
DAS Mohan Kumar Evaluation of the numerical model with CORDEX Regional Climate Models for heavy precipitation in the Meghna Basin region C1-P-11
GLEIXNER Stephanie EPICC – a cross-sectoral and cross-regional intercomparison of climate impacts and adaptation options C1-P-12
GUTOWSKI William Extreme Winter Precipitation vs. Model Resolution across the Upper Mississippi River Valley C1-P-13
HABTEMARIAM Mekonnen Climate change impacts on hydrology and water resources of Upper Awash Sub-Basin, Ethiopia C1-P-14
KABITE Gizachew Spatiotemporal dynamics of rainfall, temperature, and vegetation greenness for Dhidhessa River Basin, Ethiopia C1-P-15
KHOKHLOV Valeriy Using CORDEX data to estimate future hydro-ecological conditions in North-Western Black Sea coast C1-P-16
KRISHNAPILLAI Shadananan Nair An analysis of the abnormal flood and its impact on environment and socio-economic conditions in Kerala C1-P-17
LIU Hongbo Numerical simulation of synoptic to quasi-biweekly disturbances involved in the summer 2003 heavy rainfall in East China C1-P-18
MARGARYAN Varduhi Features of spatiotemporal distribution and management issues of dangerous meteorological phenomena on the territory of the republic of armenia C1-P-19
OVCHARUK Valeriya Method of calculation of maximum runoff of spring flood for ungauged rivers case study the Desna river basin C1-P-20
OVCHARUK Valeriya Scientific and methodological approaches to taking into account the influence of climate change on the minimum rivers runoff C1-P-21
QUAGRAINE Kwesi Capturing Co-Behavior Modes in CORDEX regional climate models over Southern Africa C1-P-22
RAHMAN Md. Mizanur Rainfall and temperature scenarios over Bangladesh based on RCP scenarios using RegCM C1-P-23
SAMIAPPAN Senthilnathan Impact of regional climate model projected changes on maize yield over Southern India C1-P-24
SEIN Dmitry Understanding precipitation extremes over CORDEX South Asia: A regional earth system model assessment C1-P-25
SEMENOVA Inna Modern spatio temporal distribution of squalls on the territory of Ukraine C1-P-26
SEMENOVA Inna Features of the regional atmospheric circulation, leading to formation of dry winds in Ukraine. Withdrawal C1-P-27
SUMAK Katsiaryna Synoptic conditions and frequency of heavy rainfalls in Belarus C1-P-28
VERGARA-TEMPRADO Jesus Intensification of heavy precipitation events in continental-scale climate-change simulations with kilometer-scale resolution C1-P-29
WANG Lu Can reanalysis products with only surface variables assimilated capture MJO characteristics? C1-P-30
WANG Shuyu Evaluation of the effects of a multiphysics ensemble on the simulation of an extremely hot summer in 2003 over the CORDEX-EA-II Region
Moved to oral presentation
WANG Pinya The Sensitivity to Initial Soil Moisture for Three Severe Cases of Heat Waves Over Eastern China C1-P-32
YEON-HEE Kim Quantifying anthropogenic contribution to the 2017 Earliest Summer Onset in Korea Using Large-Ensemble RCM Simulations C1-P-33
ZHU Jiawen Response of tropical terrestrial gross primary production to the super El Niño event in 2015 C1-P-34