Session D4: Urban environment and regional climate

List of posters

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BUSAYO Emmanuel Tolulope Coastal urban climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: policy, programme and practice for sustainable planning outcomes D4-P-01
CAI Peng Numerical study of the interaction between oasis and urban areas within an arid mountains-desert system in Xinjiang, China using ALARO-SURFEX D4-P-02
FATHI Najlaa Urbanization and surface climate case study: Morocco. D4-P-03
GOZO Emilio Impact of climate change on extreme rainfall events on coastal cities in the Philippines D4-P-04
HAN Zhenyu Convection-permitting simulations of urban heat island during a hot-weather case using “weather-like” simulation mode of RegCM4.7/CLM4.5 D4-P-05
LANGENDIJK Gaby Urban areas under climate change: what does the EURO-CORDEX ensemble tell ? – A case study investigating near surface humidity in Berlin D4-P-06
MANDAL Shailendra Urban environment and regional climate change: A Case study of Indian metropolitan city D4-P-07
ZHANG Miao Effects on local temperature and energy of urban expansion located in oasis in arid desert area D4-P-08