Financial support

Deadline to apply for financial support: May 17, 2019

Decision on acceptance of abstracts and on the recipients of financial support: July 10, 2019 Postponed

Applications for financial support can be submitted by Early Career Scientists and scientists from developing nations through the abstract submission form.

The participation of Early Career Scientists (ECS) and those from developing nations (see criteria above) is key to the success of the ICRC-CORDEX 2019 and therefore there will be a limited number of support grants available for particpants attending the conference. They will be assigned based on the financial need and scientific merit of the proposed presentations described in the abstract, the contribution to the conference and provision of supporting documents (see below).

Priority will be given to:

  • Early Career Scientists: post-graduates and researchers who received their highest degree in 2014 or later.
  • Scientists from developing countries.

How to qualify for financial support?

To apply for support, the following steps are required at the time of abstract submission:

  1. Enter your abstract title and text into the abstract submission form. The person applying for financial support should be the principal author.
  2. Directly below the form used to paste your abstract, upload your complete financial support application as one .zip file, using the field “Please select fulltext/other file”. This application file should contain:
  • a .pdf  file of your concise CV (education, professional experience, selected publications);
  • a .pdf file containing a short motivation statement why you want to present your work at this conference and how it relates to the conference themes. Maximum 1000 characters;
  • a .pdf  file containing the signed recommendation letter from the supervisor or director of the host institution
  • we also require pplicants to provide evidence for any partial support to cover travel, accommodation and/or other expenses for attending the conference  from other sources, such as home institution.  We have limited funds available, and we want to support as many people as we can.  Complying with this request allows us to achieve that goal.”

Once you packed all these files into a .zip archive, please:

  • name it “”;
  • upload it via the field “Please select fulltext/other file” available in the abstract submission form. It is possible to add your financial support application later to your already submitted abstract. For that use the “Update” bottom.






Evaluation & notification

A Scientific Committee has been established to review all the applications and select the successful candidates based on the importance of their contributions to the workshop. Successful applicants will be informed of both their abstract acceptance and application for financial support on 28 June 2019.

The number of financial support awards is limited and therefore we recommend applicants to provide all useful information and supporting documentation to strengthen their application. Those who are assigned financial support must attend the entire conference in order to benefit. The support grant will cover the registration fees and for some participants reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

Please note that all applicants for financial support, when registering, have to chose a registration fee category for a succesful registration and abstract/financial support application submission. The decision on financial support will, however, be issued well before the deadline for paying the registration fee.

The participants who are granted financial support must attend the entire conference in order to benefit. For participants with financial support it is mandatory to register at the Registration desk every conference day.